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Register your kids for the 7th Annual Greensprings / Kanu Football Camp

with Certified Coaches and Instructors from europe. Registration is open to children from ages 5 to 17

  • Greensprings / Kanu Football Camp (GKFC)

    We are delighted to host the annual Greensprings / Kanu Football Camp (GKFC), scheduled for 8-13 April, 2018. GKFC was establish in 2012 to enable children between the ages of 5 and 17 years to learn football skills from the Dutch Football Association and English Premier League coaches, with the support of Lagos State Football Association. GKFC presents a lifetime opportunity where young boys and girls can develop the foundation skills required to become great footballers.

    Football remains an integral part of our social lives, helping children breakout of their cocoon, by expressing their talents through the game and equipping them with skills to deal with complex situations.

    Football has had a positive impact on the Nigerian economy, as we have continuously witnessed “grass to grace” stories from our Nigerian international football stars playing in top premier leagues around the world and sending money back home to support their families, relatives and friends.

    To this end, this year’s camp programme has been modified to ensure that it is even more impactful. Participants will be engaged in a range of activities such as team games, inspirational movie nights and emotional intelligent training etc., with a focus on mental and emotional development, while creating a spring board for future exploits.

  • Message From Kanu Nwankwo

    Nwankwo Kanu
    (OON MON Unicef Ambassador)

    I welcome you all to the another Edition of Greensprings/Kanu Soccer Clinic... with the introduction of Coachrs from Holland. There is no doubt that this edition will be more exciting and resourceful more especially as we are taking participants to the next level with the introduction Coaches from Holland to complement the efforts of our Coaches from England.It is my desire that participants at this programme will be exposed to the rudiments of Soccer as a prerequisite to developing their skills and techniques at this early stage of their lives. There is no doubting the fact that the Kanu / Greenspring Soccer Clinic has metamorphosed into a resource Centre for future Soccer Stars. i am very confident that the programmes designed by the Coaches during this week long period will impact postively on the overall development of the participants. We have also decided to maximise the opportunity and dividends offered by this programme to expose those identified to world soccer academies and underaged national national soccer teams. I wish you a fruitful participation and injury free programme . Thank you Nwankwo Kanu (OON MON Unicef Ambassador)

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